Bernie Cantens, Ph.D (Phil), MA Acct, CPA.
Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department
Director of Ethics Program, Moravian College



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My philosophical interests are widespread and in the past decade my research and publications have ranged over a diverse number of topics: 1) Late Medieval Spanish Philosophy; 2) American Pragmatism; 3) Philosophy of Religion; 4) Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy; and 5) Applied Ethics.

 Late Medieval Spanish Philosophy

I began my career focusing on Late Medieval Spanish Philosophy. My dissertation was on Suarez’s Beings of Reason and Meinong’s Non-existent Objects (1999).  Since then I have published numerous articles on Thomas Aquinas’s and Francisco Suarez’s philosophy as well as on other Late Medieval Spanish Philosophers such as Francisco Vitoria and Bartolome de Las Casas. My most recent publications in this area are "Francisco Suárez," The History of Western Philosophy of Religion. Volume 3 Early Modern Philosoph, edited by Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis (Durham: Acumen Publishing Limited, 2009) 75-87; "Francisco de Vitoria and Bartolome de las Casas on the Rights of the American Indians" Blackwell Companion to Latin American Philosophy, edited by Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte, and Otavio Bueno (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2010) 23-35; and “Suárez’s Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God,” Interpreting Suárez: Critical Essays, edited by Daniel Schwartz (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012).

 American Pragmatism

I also have an interest in American Pragmatism. During my graduate studies at the University of Miami (Florida), I was fortunate enough to have a number of graduate courses on the topic. My area of specialization is on the philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce.  Some of my work in this area include the following:  Peirce on Science and Religion" International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 59 (2) (2006): 93-115; "Ultimate Reality in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce: To Want To Learn The Truth" Ultimate Reality and Meaning 29 (4) (2006): 229-243; "Comments on Jaime Nubiola's "Charles Peirce and the Hispanic World" APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues: Special Topic on Hispanic and American Philosophy, Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 2009; and  "Dewey's Pragmatism and Social-Political Philosophy: Comments on Rosa Mayorga's  "Hispanic Philosophy, American Pragmatism, and Cuba" APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues: Special Topic on Hispanic and American Philosophy, Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 2009

 Philosophy of Religion

Much of my work can also be classified as Philosophy of Religion because much of the work on Late Medieval Philosophy and American Pragmatism is concerned with questions concerning the existence of God and the rationality in the belief of the existence of God. In addition, I have also done research and published in other topics such as on the Christian conception of forgiveness, Political Forgiveness, and on the hiddenness of God. Some of my work in this area includes the following: "Why Forgive: A Christian Response" Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 82 (2008): 217-228; "Is Political Forgiveness Possible?" in Politics, Pluralism and Religion (Cambridge, England: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010); and A New Argument From Divine Hiddenness: Reasonable Lost Belief” delivered to the Society for Philosophers of Religion at The Hilton Head, Hilton Head, South Carolina on February 27, 2011.

Hispanic/Latino Philosophy and Identity Issues

I have also enjoyed working on identity issues as they relate to enthicity and culture. I was a participant in a NEH Summer Seminar entitled Negotiating Identities in Art, Literature, and Philosophy: Cuban Americans and Cuban Culture at the University of New York, Buffalo, NY. (Director were Jorge J. E. Gracia, Lynette Bosch, and Isabel Alvarez-Borland). A product of this seminar was my article entitled  "On the Metaphysics of Cultural Identity: A Darwinian Account" Latino Studies 7 (2) (2009): 167-196. I was also the editor of the APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy (2008 2013).


Ethics and applied ethics is an area of philosophy that I enjoy very much. I have created a new Ethics Minor ar Moravian College, and I have developed numerous courses in ethics: (1) Moral Argument Analysis and Debate; (2) The Ethics of Life and Death; (3) The Ethics of Abortion; (4) Meta-Ethics; (5) Ethics for the Public Health; (6) Sports Ethics; and (7) Business Ethics (in process).